Welcome to the House of Agricultural Facilitation Services

We act as Business Facilitators/intermediaries for setting up Agri. Clinics, Agri. Business Centers, Krishi Vigyan Centers, Village Knowledge Centers etc. as per the present guidelines. We identify borrowers in the field of agriculture and provide services of preparing and preliminary processing of loan applications including verification of primary information / data as per the requirements of various banks/financial institutions . We create awareness among various farmers about the importance of managing money and debt on ongoing basis and educate them about the various loans / lines of credit in tune with the credit policy of the Reserve Bank of India relating to Farm Sector. We assist, promote and nurture the formation of self-help groups / Joint liability groups / Credit groups and provide assistance, guidance and consultancy in availing of agricultural credit for setting up of projects. We conduct due diligence to examine issues relating to rural credit and micro finance as per the requirements of Reserve Bank of India.

Project Schemes Overview

Agriculture is a field of national interest assuming priority in planning and fiscal policies. A diversified approach from existing practices to well defined interests is on way. We offer our well expertise, equipped. Experienced services in ‘AGRICULTURE’ mainly in financial and technical issues with committed deep interest.